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Firmware Downloads

Kankun Small K Firmware 3.5 Kankun Small K Firmware 3.4 – (source required) Kankun Small K Firmware 3.3 Kankun Small K Firmware 3.2 Kankun Small K Firmware 3.1  

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kankun-json CGI script

kankun-json is a CGI script to install on your Kankun Small K switch which gives it a JSONP API that can be used with the HomeDash dashboard. Download kankun-json-0.0.1 Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file above, unzip it. The file you need to copy to your Kankun switch is called json.cgi. You can do this […]

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Getting Started with the Kankun Small K / KK-SP3

Out of the box I recently purchased a couple of wifi switches. Specifically the Kankun Small K, which I bought through AliExpress.com for ~$20 each. Very reasonable, compared to others out there, for dipping your toes into the “smart home” world. Once they arrived, I plugged them into a socket, plugged in a lamp, and […]

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